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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Come on Aliya, Learn the Hebrew, Get The Tee-shirt!

If there's anywhere in this wide world that embodies Nelson Mandela's ideal 'rainbow nation' it has to be Israel.
My Hebrew studies' classmates include a cluster of  Russians, a Mexican, a Rumanian, an Indian couple, a US American, Brian and I from the UK and even a young woman from Korea.

      • Indeed, I'd love to drag the Israel boycotters to Karmiel by the hair-roots and invite them to see us in action.

      • I dearly wish I'd had my camera with me on Yom Ha'atzmaut (Israel Independence Day) so I could show them - and you - the many local Arab families enjoying festive barbecues under the trees alongside  Jewish Israelis.

      • I could also have snapped the pretty black kids skipping about in their kakhol  velavan (blue and white) tee-shirts quite oblivious to any supposed differences in background and culture.

      • If only I could take you all by hand any motzei Shabbat (post-Sabbath Saturday night) so you could witness yet more Arabs eating and drinking with everyone else in the snazzy local restaurants and bars.

      • Or on any day of the week I'd point to the Arabs living in the near-by blocks of flats, sitting on the busses and using the same shops as everyone else.
      • If this is Israeli "apartheid" give me lots more - please.
All of which brings me to my new friends, Isaac and Oren of Israel-T.com.
The guys describe themselves as:
"Two Zionistic, former paratrooper soldiers in the Israeli Army ... dedicated to bringing the State of Israel closer to people who want to have a connection to the Holy Land.
"Our great respect for Israel is shown through our t-shirts, as we strive to bridge the Jewish culture, in its many forms, to the rest of the world".
"By wearing our Israel t-shirts, we want our customers to feel a warm placeisrael-t-shirts3 in their hearts for both the State of Israel and its people. We sincerely wish that perhaps one day soon, they will come and see our country with their own eyes and not just through their closets stuffed with our t-shirts (though we don't mind that either)!
  "Our company is located in Ra'anana which is a beautiful city located 20km from the biggest metropolis in Israel, Tel Aviv".
Israel T-com is:

  • The leading distributor of tee-shirts related to Israel.

  • Jewish organisations  around the world make orders on a regular basis, particularly for special events and holidays.

  • Judaica shops and e-commerce online stores sell their products.

  • The t-shirts made of 100% cotton with clear, bright colours and are printed only in Israel. 

  • With the widest selection of t-shirts related to Israel on the web, the company explores new fashion trends while maintaining authentic Israeli motifs.
Hey, much more of this schmooze and you'll all be  thinking I'm carrying  their banners on www.natalieiwoodinisrael.com!
Now, if only ...

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