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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Beautiful Haifa Scorched By Fire



We've just returned from a Shabbat (Sabbath) constitutional and saw vast plumes of smoke rising over one of our favourite views towards the Haifa coastline.

Fearing something sinister, on returning home we checked with the Jerusalem Post online to learn that it was "only" a large-scale fire at a metal factory in Acco ('Acre'). So the wonderful image of Haifa Bay many Facebook users posted during the past few days will have been blackened and scorched by smoke. What a shame!

I quote:


A large fire erupted near a metal processing plant south of Acre Saturday. Firefighters were at the scene.

The fire at the "Hod Pladot" plant began around 11 a.m. at the plant’s waste collection area, and it was believed that hazardous materials were being burned by the flames.
Great plumes of smoke rose above the Haifa Bay and residents in nearby communities were requested to remain indoors for fear of inhaling the dangerous substances. Route 4 was also closed intermittently due to the smoke.

This follows the dreadful, fatal motor accident near Karmiel last week. Thanks heaven this time no injuries or worse have been reported but having to stay indoors on a gorgeous weekend day must be distressing. Furthermore, having used the Route 4 Highway I am aware that even on a quiet Sabbath afternoon it is a vital and excellent aerial route and its closure must be causing disruption to many people.


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