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Monday, 20 June 2011

Language and Learning at Karmiel’s ‘Cafe Ivrit’




Israel.Coffee.MugIt is more than 12 months since the first coffee was sipped at Karmiel’s ‘Cafe Ivrit’ – Hebrew speakers’ club.

The weekly sessions, originally aimed at new olim (immigrants), now attract a growing number of people with a wide range of ability including those proficient enough to use the language for business.

The club meets on Sunday afternoon at Karmiel’s Mercaz Klita (absorption centre) and is run by Ludmila Katz who was first  assisted by Nataly Levine during her duties as a serving soldier in  the I.D.F. – Israel’s army.Coffee.03

The club provides very informal study sessions with members having a chance to learn about Israeli culture and  Jewish festivals as well as learning extra Hebrew not learned at regular classes.

This week members thanked Luda for her efforts by making her a surprise 24th birthday party.

Most of the pictures in the gallery below are by Simcha Hoffman, originally from Mexico and Brian Fink, previously from Manchester, U.K.




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