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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Between Pelted Rocks And Very Hard Decisions

It all depends on how you view it.
This is the version which appeared in left-wing, liberal Haaretz.com:
"Two Palestinian children were slightly injured in East Jerusalem's Silwan neighbourhood on Friday when a prominent right-wing activist, David Be'eri, struck them in a hit-and-run accident. Be'eri, who manages the Elad non-profit behind the contested City of David site in the neighbourhood, was pelted with rocks by the children shortly before the incident and said later he drove through the crowd in self-defence.
The accident took place on one of the main streets of Silwan, shortly after Friday Muslim prayers. Ilya Efimovitch, a freelance photojournalist who was at the scene, told Haaretz that a few children and teenagers set up a stone-throwing ambush; a lookout would tell his friends whether an approaching vehicle was Palestinian or Israeli. When Be'eri and his young son arrived at the spot around 1 p.m., the children began pelting their car with rocks from close by.
Friends of Be'eri told Haaretz.com he feared he would be recognised and lynched and also feared for his son's life. They said he recalled later he deliberately decided not to use his personal handgun, tried to escape and inadvertently hit the two children.
The two were taken to a hospital in East Jerusalem with light injuries. One of them, 11-year-old Amran Mansur, was later taken to Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Karem, for further checks, but was released later in the day.
"I don't think he deliberately turned the wheel to hit the kids, but I don't think he cared - he just wanted to get through," said Yefimovitz. "He could have escaped the situation by reversing. It's true there was a car behind him but hitting something was better than hitting a child."
Be'eri was questioned by police and released on Friday. He is considered a controversial figure and is seen as one of the main instigators of Jews settling in homes across the Palestinian neighbourhood".

Below is video footage with English language subtitles giving a different slant on events.

As all my Facebook chums agree, the entire episode was a vile set-up. But I believe we have to forgive the kids as they know not what they do! They are trained from birth to hate anything to do with Jews, Judaism and of course, Israel.
The Jesuits say that if they have a child until he/she is seven, they have them for life. So here WE have it: the three-year-old viewed on a video screaming about 'Jewish pigs', 'Jewish dogs', graduates to rock-throwing and then suicide bombing. Their schooling is the politics of hate, envy and malcontent, not of knowledge, self-improvement and life-enhancement. As radical Islamism takes over the world, more and more temperate people wonder what can be done to stop it:
At home we think the world needs a modern version of the medieval Battle of Tours. However. If it came to it, I can't think of any states, with the noble and notable exceptions of the USA and Israel which would be brave enough to wage it!

Not everyone knows of this crucial event so here's one account from How Stuff Works:
"... Tours, Battle of (October, 732 C.E.), a battle between the Franks and the Muslims (Moors) of Spain. It was fought on Frankish territory, between Tours and Poitiers, in what is now France. The victory was won by the Franks, under the leadership of Charles Martel and checked the advance of the Muslims into Europe. (However, the Muslims were not completely expelled from Frankish territory until 759.)
"Some historians believe that the Battle of Tours saved Europe from being absorbed into the Islamic Empire. Many recent historians, however, doubt that the Muslims could have achieved lasting control over Europe under any circumstances. Charles Martel's victory helped establish his family line, the Carolingian, on the Frankish throne and also contributed greatly to the supremacy of the Franks in Europe.
"Little is definitely known of the details of the battle. The Muslim leader, Abd-er-Rahman, was killed, and his army probably suffered heavy casualties". (http://history.howstuffworks.com/european-history/battle-of-tours.htm)".
I realise such a battle would now be incalculably more difficult, far deadlier and would be waged as much on rolling 24 hour television news channels as on the battlefield itself. It would also be fought as much against self-hating Jewish activists and other soft-headed interference-mongers as against radical Islamism as none of them even wants to begin to make the intellectual commitment which would require their distinguishing between moderate Islam and the blood-lust-fuelled tirades of the terroristic mullahs.


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