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Monday, 6 September 2010

My Brother Is Latest Victim of Israeli Driving

My brother, Julian was today the victim of a terrible motor accident in Jerusalem.

He is now lying sedated in intensive care at the Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem, minus his spleen and one kidney and with multiple bone fractures.

According to different news reports, Julian was among at least a dozen people injured when a vehicle involved in a collision at about 9.00 a.m. Israel-time mounted the pavement on a street near his home.



The crash involved either a bus and a car or two cars. The latter version has a woman driver speeding through a red light and crashing into the second car which mounted the pavement. Readers of this blog will know that in less than six months I've highlighted two similar incidents - both of them involving poor bus driving. I challenge - no - appeal to all Israeli readers to help the campaign to reduce death and injury on our roads. It is notorious that year on year poor driving causes more personal trauma here than any war or terrorist attack. Help me, please!

Meanwhile, according to Jewish Journal.com in an article about traffic safety research published in April this year:

"In Israel, every fatal car accident makes the national news. When four people were killed in an accident in the Negev in March, the entire country was abuzz about the tragedy. A comment posted on a Ynet article reveals the prevailing mindset in Israel: “Is this a ‘cultural’ given and can the ‘culture’ of driving in Israel be significantly altered?”

Driving may well be no worse in Israel than elsewhere but in a small country where everyone is treated like extended members of the same family, all such disasters are treated personally. The picture above shows the chaos caused by such accidents.


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