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I moved from dank, dark North Manchester, U.K. to Karmiel, Western Galilee, Israel in March 2010. It is, believe me, one of the sunniest, loveliest towns on earth. With a background in local Jewish journalism I continue to write freelance. I manage several blogs, have  appeared on Technorati and Blogcritics and now contribute to the online magazine, 'Live Encounters'. My main blog is Alwayswriteagain (http://wwwalwayswriteagain.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Jackie.BuyherUntil a half-hour ago, I had never heard of, let alone seen a photograph of this lovely young girl. But my heart missed a beat when I saw it and then read the accompanying message on Facebook.

So, although I am never likely to talk with, let alone meet her mother, Rachel, I’m reposting the appeal in the hope that someone who knows Jackie Buyher will see her and ask her to contact Rachel, who begged: 

“PLEASE CROSSPOST...URGENT! My daughter, Jackie Buyher, has been missing from the... northwest side of Evansville, Indiana, USA since Wednesday, November 03.  She is 16 years old, about 5' 6" tall, sandy brown hair (straight, shoulder length), hazel eyes, and weighs approximately 120 lbs. Friends that I am in contact with, as well as school officials, have not seen her since that day. A missing person's report has been filed with the Evansville Police Dept., and recently has expanded to a nation-wide alert. If anyone has seen her, or think they may know her whereabouts, please dial 911 and report any information you may have to the Evansville Police Department.

Why should I react like this? Well, I am human and what’s more I’m meeting young adults like Jackie every week at a school in Karmiel, Israel.

All have so much to offer and life has much to give them in return but at their age we all think we’re immortal. It just ain’t so! Meanwhile, let’s hope that this story has a happy ending. I’ll let you know.


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