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I moved from dank, dark North Manchester, U.K. to Karmiel, Western Galilee, Israel in March 2010. It is, believe me, one of the sunniest, loveliest towns on earth. With a background in local Jewish journalism I continue to write freelance. I manage several blogs, have  appeared on Technorati and Blogcritics and now contribute to the online magazine, 'Live Encounters'. My main blog is Alwayswriteagain (http://wwwalwayswriteagain.blogspot.com

Sunday, 14 February 2016

PerfectlyWritePoetry: They Were Also at Entebbe

PerfectlyWritePoetry: They Were Also at Entebbe: In memory of the civilian hostages murdered at Entebbe, July 1976. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Operation Entebbe, the counter-...
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