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Saturday, 25 February 2012

How Israeli Cats Cop It!


A new meaning for the term “cat litter”!

Some time last year a middle-aged woman in Coventry. U.K was caught on CCTV chucking  a cat into a wheelie bin -  and then walking away.

Lola, a tabby,  was trapped in the bin for 15 hours before her owners  found her.

Darryl and Stephanie Andrews-Mann thought she may have fallen in  or had been thrown there by louts, but were shocked to discover that a  mature woman was responsible.

The CCTV footage shows the grey-haired, middle-aged woman  walking past a house on Brays Lane, Coventry and Lola jumping onto a garden wall.

The woman stops to stroke her. But moments later, she is seen glancing around to see if anyone is watching. She then picks her up and  drops her into the bin - before slamming the lid shut and walking away!

Darryl said: "I'd like to know how she would feel if she was stuck in a bin for 15 hours without food or drink.

"It was a really hot day outside. I searched nearby alleyways and then heard a tiny mewl  coming from the bin. I looked inside and I found her in the bin. She was terrified and covered in her own mess."

The couple had installed CCTV outside their home two years ago after their car was repeatedly knocked by careless drivers.

The RSPCA and West Midlands Police investigated the incident.

This story may sound like a case of “revenge of the disgruntled car owner” but I’m ashamed to say that in Israel - which is plagued by a huge population of stray cats - the use and abuse of them is almost universal and even sanctioned at municipal level.

Note the latest posting on ‘The Galilee Noticeboard’ from a resident of Katzrin in the Golan, Northern Israel:

“You need to know that people and the city are poisoning cats, dogs, and possibly people in Katzrin this week. They are putting out rat poison on the streets, in the yards and it is killing many animals. If a child were to put a pellet in its mouth, they too could be killed by this.

“We had three cats that were getting ready for adoption (we found someone interested) and two are confirmed dead in our yard and one more has been missing for five days and presumed dead since she never goes away from us.

“We paid for them to be fixed and vaccinated, but now they are dead. So why are they killing off the cats when there is a very active spay/neuter programme going on right now in the same streets and lanes?

“Loving animals need your help. We will not stand for this inhuman conduct. Please spread the word to all humane and caring people.”

In Karmiel, strays and their – umm, err, left-overs - despoil our otherwise lovely city. A group my husband dubs “The Kitty-Kat Club” has long-term residence of the bin shelter outside our apartment block and we’ve marked one of them as the local ‘Boss Cat’ – right down to his irrepressible, cheeky grin.

But life’s not good for most. They are piteously thin and mangy and possibly too disease-ridden to handle without extreme care.

Some are taken off the streets and given good homes. The families of several students I’ve met at local schools have done this – but they are the exception.


I don’t apologise for posting the accompanying image by way of concluding illustration. The plight of this poor creature   was first highlighted during the summer of 2010 (by the-then named Israel Animal Rescue). It had been attacked with acid by a kitchen worker  when it sought shelter in a large commercial kitchen somewhere in Haifa.


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