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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Mirth and Menace At Favourite Israeli Beauty Spot


Rosh.Hanikra.13Staff at the Rosh Hanikra caves in Western Galilee, Northern Israel need a sense of humour:

They work hard on the border with Lebanon – much nearer to Beirut than Jerusalem - with nothing but bleached stone, chilly Mediterranean coastal water, searchlights and barbed wire for company.Rosh.Hanikra.15






So it’s no wonder that they treated last week’s huge Passover holiday crowds to a jokey  tour round the Biblical Ten Plagues as we scrambled through the slippery crevices and caverns with barely enough light to see six feet ahead.Rosh.Hanikra.10





An amiable crowd of Jews and Arabs, representing a wide spectrum faith and culture, we all needed something to keep us smiling, as not only was the weather on Thursday unseasonably cool and showery, we also endured agonisingly long waits, first for cable car tickets and then for the very short car ride itself.Rosh.Hanikra.12

Barely 45 minutes and 38 kilometres by car from Karmiel via Highways 85 and 4, virtualtourist.com says of the beauty spot:




Rosh.Hanikra.16“The caves have been carved out of the rock by rain and the sea and a long tunnel has been made by man to connect the caves and make access easier for visitors … Around the caves are white cliffs, which look very nice against the blue sea.
Both to the north and south there are tunnels carved out by the British. The tunnels were for the railroad the British were building to connect Europe and Egypt. In the north tunnel there is a 20 minutes long film about the history of the railroad … Some evenings there is live music and sometimes the place is used for private weddings etc.”


These great pictures were snapped by my own in-house camera-man. Enjoy!




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