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Tuesday, 7 December 2010




Anashim Be’Adom (literally ‘people of blood) is a feisty self-help group fighting for safety on Israeli roads.

As regular readers know, the shamefully high rate of road accidents in Israel became painfully personal when my brother almost died after being knocked down by a car while standing on a traffic island near his home in Jerusalem.

Now Anashim Be’Adom, which probably enjoys the highest profile of many similar groups in Israel, is hoping to win part of a 1M Shekel jackpot being offered by Bank Leumi. The prize was offered to highlight the work of the country’s many charity groups, all of which perform sterling work.image

To have a chance of winning, participating charities submitted  video clips of their work for the public to view in order to choose the recipients. Those receiving the most public votes will receive a share of the pot.

To vote for Anashim Be’Adom  follow the instructions below: 

  • Step One:

Log onto: http://www.youtube.com/leumi1million

  • Step Two:

The middle title in the top row is illuminated  white with the words 'ההצבעה 7.12 – 27.12‘ This is for voting. Press on this.

  • Step Three:

Scroll down. Under the screens depicting the various competing groups there is a line of dots. Move the mouse back and forth until you find the Anashim Be’Adom clip, under which is written ‘אנשים באדום‘. Click this.

  • Step Four:

To vote, simply play the clip and press the ‘thumbs up’ sign on the right. The public is allowed to vote once every 24 hours from the same computer until and including 27 December 2010.

Nurit Grossman, group chairperson says: “even one of the smaller prizes (10,000 shekels) it will help us to expand our activities, and hopefully, save lives! Please Vote!”



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