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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Turning Full Circle With Those Family Rings

Article first published as http://technorati.com/lifestyle/family/article/turning-full-circle-with-those-family/Turning Full Circle with Those Family Rings on Technorati.

Royal.Engagement.RingWell it happens in families! Learning that Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his late mother’s ring reminded me of my own solemn but utterly pleasurable duty when my niece and nephew-in-law announced their  engagement in London.

I was unable to attend the ultra-Orthodox Jewish celebrations but delivered – by special courier from Manchester – my own mother’s engagement and eternity rings as it had been her earnest wish that her beloved granddaughter should have them.

The timing could not have been better as my niece went on to have thLeora.Sam.Bennettem remodelled respectively into an engagement ring and earrings in time for her chuppah (Jewish wedding) and was still showing them off months later at the special  party following the birth and circumcision of her first born son.

But back to Wills and Kate: News of their engagement was also wonderfully timed. No wonder it was greeted with much thumping of the table at Government Cabinet level.

A glorious Royal marriage is something  the beleaguered British populace may anticipate with relish.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to believe that the young couple’s romance has already lasted longer than many marriages largely because they’re both sensible, stable, mature - and anxious to make their relationship work.

Furthermore, it is obvious that Prince William is desperate for the secure and steady home life denied him and his brother during their parents’ troubled marriage.

Now I’m probably talking heresy when I suggest that while  Kate Middleton has a smashing figure and wonderful clothes-sense she is not stunningly pretty.

She has something far more important: She exudes what we term in Yiddishised Hebrew as innate ‘chein’ – a charming grace which glows from every photograph and which I’m sure will win her as many hearts as the late Princess of Wales.

Moreover, I guess that the nuptials will be somewhat understated compared to the Royal romps of the 80s. This would echo the post-war wedding enjoyed by the Queen and Prince Philip and be in line with with the U.K.’s economically straitened circumstances.

After all as I write, Prince William is only second-in-line to throne and not the immediate heir as was (and is!) Prince Charles when he married the former Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.

But none of this matters. If my husband and I are an example, the British ex-pat community in Israel is every bit as happy and excited about the news as everyone else worldwide.  Mazeltov!



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