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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A t-rap for the unwary!










Take a look at the 'peace flotilla' tee-shirts featured on this  Israeli news broadcast. They are from the collection of 'support for Israel' tee-shirts sold  by Israel-T.com as highlighted in this blog some weeks ago.

Isaac and Oren, the guys behind the shirts and a mountain of other attractive pro-Israel gifts say: "The incident with the peace flotilla on Israel's shore-line has shaken the world.

"These are very funny tee-shirts and they were shown on Israeli TV by Avri Gilad.  The slogans on the shirts describe the true purpose of the  Gaza 'peace' rally and the  support and involvement the organisers received from Turkey.

Further, the shirts were made after the Mossad incident in Dubai and this means that Israelis and fans of Israel  are defending the Jewish State against the slander mouthed by hate-filled anti- Zionists world-wide.

Israel-T.com's trendy gear is sold widely to support Israel and the IDF so the hatemongers are falling into a trap by wearing it!

See more at http://www.nataliewoodinisrael.com and http://www.israeli-T.com.




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